Tree & Shrub Pruning

Young Tree Training

Get your trees off to the best start with proper canopy structuring – including good branch spacing, selection of a single dominant leader and early detection of structural defects.

Ornamental/Fine Pruning

Create a visually appealing yard with shaping and maintenance of ornamental and special varieties. Increase fruit production and yield for your back yard orchard.

Shrub & Hedge – Pruning/Trimming

Create and maintain formal or natural shaping of your shrubs and hedging. Rejuvenate old shrubs and hedges to allow new growth to come through and cut to a more manageable size.

General Tree Pruning

Pruning of medium to monstrous sized trees, vehicle access is no issue for our climbing arborist. Structural pruning, removal of dead and hazardous branches, providing clearance to buildings, roadways and service lines.

Canopy Reduction

Available for select tree species, reduce the height and/or width of your trees if they have “outgrown” your space. Please note the reduction pruning is NOT topping as branches are cut back to proper laterals and natural barriers (collar and branch bark ridge), so that the tree can continue to thrive while being maintained at a smaller size.

Evergreen Deadwooding

Evergreens often shed their interior foliage every 5-7 years. Careful removal of interior dead will reduce needle shed, increase air penetration and encourage new growth.

Root Pruning

Careful removal of select surface roots and girdling roots to encourage tree and turf harmony.

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